“The kind of parent I thought I’d Be”

The kind of parent I thought I would be is forever evolving even now having elementary-aged children. Before having children, my husband and I would often discuss the hypothetical children we would have and how we would handle any problems that may arise. We agreed on our rearing philosophies and it seemed parenting was going to be rewarding and relatively simple.
Now over a decade later, life isn’t at all how we imagined but somehow so much better. While pregnant with our second, a daughter, my husband and I separated. After a year of single parenting, none of which was his choice, I accepted the fact that while I may not need a husband I did need my friend and father of my children. I thought I could be the single mom who did it all, but not only was that a stubborn and naive assessment, it was also unfair to my children and their dad.
Today, my eight-year-old son eagerly awaits every  Superhero movie in theaters, and my seven-year-old daughter looks forward to her soccer games each week, their dad and I are right there with them for every thrilling moment. The best part is that even though their dad and I are six years divorced, we live together and refuse to miss a moment of our children’s lives.
The kind of parent I thought I would be held no real credibility as it was formed before I met the children who would change my life. Parenting is not about one person’s plans and expectations. Whether we are on a week-long road trip, a day at the arcade, or careening our way through the crowds of Costco, we do it together. The four of us are a team. No one gets left behind.